March Recap

YES IT’S ME I’M ACTUALLY WRITING FOR MY BLOG FINALLY! (Hah it’s probably because I’m bored and have two tests to study for and I’d rather do this than look over notes again hahahaha :,) ) Anyway, yes it’s me! Does this make me off of hiatus? I don’t know! But I’ve done a lot of reading this month and even participated in a competition for book trivia which I’ll tell you about below. So without further ado, I give you this month’s bookish info.

Books I’ve Been Reading: (Click on the titles for Goodreads links! All images courtesy to Goodreads.)

With the aforementioned competition, I literally had no time to read anything I had been reading before (which you will figure out why in a bit). I was on page one hundred something, and finally after my competiton ended, I literally could NOT. REMEMBER. ANYTHING. from this book. If you know me, you’d know that I don’t particularly like re-reading things. So I was going to look up a recap online, but before I could I had to turn it back in to the libary. But I ADORED the first one and will probably get it back asap.


Yes, I am aware that I just said I don’t typically re-read things. But, the first time I read this book was two and a half years ago and something made me think about it while I was at the library with my friends. One of them just happened to ask me about it, as I had picked it up off the shelf, and she checked out a copy which made me excited for her. This resulted in me joining her with reading it. Loved it before and loved it just as much again, but this time I think I had a better outlook on it as it wasn’t as melancholy of a book the second time around.


I had to read this book for my competiton, and I can’t say I very much enjoyed it but it wasn’t such a bad read that I found myself dreading the moment I’d next have to pick it up. I don’t have much else to say about it, but I wouldn’t reccomend it unless you’re into books that honestly seem more middle grade and/or slightly cheesy feeling.


Also for my competition, but oH BOY DID I LIKE IT!! Actually when it originally came out I acquired a copy and only read a little bit of it before something happened to my copy and I never got to go further into it. I forget what happened, but I’m angry about it because I can’t believe it took me so long to pick up again.


This book was very exceptional. It was different than expected and normally I probably would not have picked it up without my competition. The detail and particular narrative voice its writing has was what made it so easy to dive in. I’m only sad that since it was for my contest, I had to read it in one day and therefore lost time to fully absorb what it was saying. I would’ve liked to look further into it had I not had such a time constraint.


This book is not what I expected it to be, but I think some of the descriptions about it mislead me of its content since I didn’t pay close attention to what they were saying. It is nevertheless a good read and I look forward to continuing on with it.


Hopefully I’ll keep reading this month as I’ve become slow and lazy about doing so. Now, on with… my competition!

Battle of the Books is a competition in which a list of 20 or so books is given to a bunch of teams of 5 throughout many schools central to the area I live in, but I do know that other areas hold this competiton with their local teams. The students on the teams are required to read the books on this list and make questions about details and events of each book in the form of “In which book…” with the answer being the title of one of the books. They can be broad and general or as nit-picky with minute details as “in which book was there a telephone hanging on the wall of a room?” During the competiton, teams go against each other and answer these questions. Whoever gets the most correct gets the most points and wins. There’s a lot more to it, but I won’t go into too much detail so if you have any questions just ask me or consult this website. Traditionally, teams begin preparation for this competiton earlier on in the school year. I’m pretty sure the team for the other grades of my school started in November but my team wasn’t aware of the competiton and had a teacher start the group just two weeks ago.


We placed second!! With two weeks and the same 19 books the other teams read, we placed a lot higher with less time.

Anyway, it was so fun and was a really neat competition and I actually enjoyed reading for it. And after the competition (which was during the main part of my school day) the team just stayed in the school library hangin out for the last two periods of the day. This was particularly fun for me as I didn’t have assigned homework and just acted as an assistant librarian helper. My school librarian (a very fun lady) even gave me ARCs. Feel free to ask me any questions about them.

SO that’s all my bookish news for now. Later!




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