Reasons why the Girl of Fire and Thorns Trilogy is the Best!

So, I just finished The Girl of Fire and Thorns Trilogy by one of my most favorite authors ever, Rae Carson!!!! Rather than writing a super long rave review of me shouting “IT’S THE BEST SERIES EVER 55/5 STARS ITS GREAT” into the void, I’ll list reasons why it’s simply amazing! 😉

Reasons to read The Girl of Fire and Thorns trilogy by Rae Carson:
– POC characters
– Characters of all different shapes, sizes and builds
– Cool and different fantasy/medieval setting
– TONS of BEAUTIFUL character growth
– Complex, amazing characters
– No love triangles
– Realizations of important lessons, like how the people you love might not always be the best for you
– Characters make complex decisions that have strong impacts on the story
– Love interests who respect Elisa (the main character) for being smart and brave, despite her “unattractiveness”
– Respectful male heroines that honor strong willed women
– Elisa struggled with being more agressive as queen
– Magic (I mean, magic is great so it’s gotta be on the list)
– FANTASTIC and BEAUTIFUL world building
– Gay characters
– Deals with things like racism
– Religious aspect, but also doesn’t take up the whole being of each character
– Three of four countries are ruled by super cool queens
– First loves aren’t the last loves of characters
– Diverse settings
– Kinda has Spanglish?? Like heck yes let’s get other languages in here too

It is literally a masterpiece that would turn me over to the dark side to get. Please consider picking it up and reading it, because all it does is get better. 😉 Let me know if you do!!!

Books in the series:
#1: The Girl of Fire and Thorns
#2: The Crown of Embers
#3: The Bitter Kingdom

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2 thoughts on “Reasons why the Girl of Fire and Thorns Trilogy is the Best!

  1. I love love love love love this trilogy! It’s one of my absolute favourites. It’s so disappointing to see so many people who didn’t like it. Though I have to admit, I tried to read Carson’s new book and it was a complete miss for me 😦

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