What Do You Want In YA?

Earlier tonight, I hosted my monthly chat (#NBTFchat) on my Twitter. For the 6th question, I asked this:

FullSizeRender (4)

and I recieved a GREAT range of replies, and I decided to put them in a blog post just to show a little bit of a different post for me! : ) I’m going to categorize the answers a little bit more so you can find themed replies that you agree with. Without further ado, I give you the category of…

Less Romance:

Different Dystopics/Endings:


LQBTQA Representation:

Power to the She:

In Summary:

**Translation- I made a few typos:

A6: SO MUCH TO SAY AHH! parents, lgbtqa+ representation, dystopics not in America, girl stays single & doesn’t need a love interest.**

Teens want YA that is normalized. We want books featuring every day things like different relgions, races, personalities, sexualities, and nationalities. People say things like “books are a portal to another world,” but they forget that worlds have TOTALLY different people, and that nobody is the same. A whole world isn’t solely made up of straight white people that are about to lead a rebellion, a world is made of SO many different cultures and people. If young adults are supposedly the key to a new generation, why not center our literature on this idea?

PLEASE make a post about what you feel YA should include more, I’d love to see this go around as a tag. Happy reading everyone!!!!

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