Quitting Books?!?!

So, I’m back with yet another discussion-like thing, although this one is going to be a bit different! This time, I’m going to share my opinions before I reply to your comments. Today I’ll be discussing the idea of not finishing a book that you’ve started- and I’d love to hear back from you!

For me, it’s always been that if I don’t like a book, I won’t finish it. Lots of people say “well what if the ending is super good!!?!?!?!” and they drag through.

Before I stop a book, I always ask myself/make sure of the following:

  • Am I at least past 1-3 chapters?
  • If I was enjoying this, how fast would I be reading?
  • Could I be using this time to read something else I’ll actually enjoy?

The thing is, I read for entertainment. That’s why I hate reading assignments in school, because I’m being forced to review and analyze and read something that I’m not enjoying. I would much rather be reading something I’ll have fun with! So that brings me back to my original question-

Is it okay to “put down” books?


14 thoughts on “Quitting Books?!?!

  1. Totally okay to put down books. I’ve been pretty uninterested in what I’ve picked up lately, but I’m giving it to about 30% before giving up.

    I’m usually one of those people who just has to know what happens, despite the quality of the story. But now that Google/Goodreads/Twitter exists, I can find out without wasting my time. 😉

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  2. It is! When I find myself skimming through chapters and not really reading properly, I know that it’s a book I might put down. Sometimes I just leave it, start another book and maybe later try again. If I’m still uninterested, I stop reading it.

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        But that might be because I like books mostly because of the writer’s style and not the plot and characters as much. Also the reason I don’t do book reviews a lot.

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  3. I agree. Nothing wrong with putting down a book. I usually have a 50 page requirement. But I feel worse about dropping more than one book in a row and I panic and think I have a book dropping problem and I can’t read certain types of book anymore.

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    1. OOOOH yeah! If I drop too many books in a row I worry about reading slumps, which is usually what brings them on for me until I finish a good book! But yeah, if you don’t enjoy it then it’s not worth it, you can’t be pleased by everything!


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