The Inside Out Book Tag!

This is the first time that I have been included in a tag, so thank you SO much to Mara, whose tag/blog is here! (You honestly HAVE to visit it, it’s so pretty!!!!)

The Inside Out Book tag is a tag where you share the books that give me certain emotions based off of the characters in the Pixar animated film, Inside Out.


insideoutbooktagg(Image courtesy to Google Images.)

Joy- which book brings you the most joy?

(Image courtesy to Goodreads.)

I’d definately have to say Harry Potter and the Sorcerer’s Stone, (specifically this book in the series) because it’s been one of my favorite books since the first grade. I STILL cherish this series and whenever I pick it up or watch the movies it just makes me so nostalgic and happy.

Sadness- which book makes you cry the hardest?

(Image courtesy to Goodreads.)

All I have to say:

The ENDING. :,)

(Goodreads page: here)

Disgust- which book grossed you out the most?

brekking dawn
(Image courtesy to Goodreads.)

ALRIGHT!!!!! Before you start yelling at me:

I loved this series! I’m not one of the “still a better love story than Twilight” kinda people who are flat out judging it by the movies and everything. (So now you’re like, well why does it disgust you?)

My problems with this book:

  • It has to take place with Bella and Edward. I understand why, because all of the others did, BUT as a tumblr post (that’s the link) recently brought to my attention:


“Despite Twilight’s flaws I think we can all appreciate what Rosalie Hale did to her gang of rapists after she became a vampire

One of Twilight’s biggest flaws was always that um, how do I put this? It has these kickass supporting characters with these fascinating back stories and instead we have to pay attention to this truly boring couple instead of hearing about Jasper fighting in a vampire war, or Alice as a psychic girl in a 1920’s mental institution, or Carlyle as a vampire doctor trying to atone for all the murdering he did.

Or Leah as the ONLY FEMALE WEREWOLF IN THE WORLD, or that other vampire baby from South America.

Or pretty much anything beyond Bella and Edward staring at one another and crying.”

I thought this was super eye opening as to how awful it is that we are stuck with Bella and Edward.

  • The ENDING OH MY GOODNESS. It was SO anti-climatic and it would have been SO much better if there actually was (SPOILERS AHEAD! Highlight the page to see the text.) some awful battle, and people DID die and everything!
  • I also don’t like how they (though understandably) were just moping around. The only things that were exciting were in Jake’s POV, and I personally think that he. Is. SO. ANNOYING.

I also put this because there really aren’t any books that I hate that I don’t DNF. So all in all, it didn’t disgust me I just thought that I should put at least SOMETHING here that wasn’t just added in for the sake of it.

Fear- which book scared you more than anything?

(Image courtesy to Goodreads.)

Alright, I have never read a book that has scared me “more than anything.” I put this book because it was just super duper morbid and not really scary, it just had creepy vibes and the main character was just super out of it and it all just added up to give it scary vibes!

(Goodreads page here.)

Anger- which book really made you mad?

I’m sorry but I REALLY can’t choose for this one. If a book is making me angry, then I’m putting it down. It’s kinda the same case for disgust, it’s just that for disgust it was just a small section of a book that just kind of urked me. If I’m angry at a book, it’s because I am LOVING it and then I get angry at a character or something. But if I’m literally all fired up because I hate it so much, I am done reading it.

Thank you for reading, and since I don’t have anyone to tag at the top of my head, I’ll just say that if you want to do this, then do it! : )




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