Bookshelf Positivity Campaign

Some of you may know that on my twitter tonight I posted this festive video: video!! (It’s only about 8 seconds long and you don’t need sound!!!)

Basically, yesterday I went out shopping and bought my first Funko  POP character & some fun LED lights for my bookshelf! (The POP figure was from Hot Topic and the LED lights were a strand of 50 twinkling warm white lights found at Target.) Today I strung them up and, if you couldn’t tell from the Tweet, I’m a little bit more than happy with the outcome.

Here’s what you’ll need to know:

Later, I received a reply from my good (and cute) book friend Shana:

I explained how she could do it too, and then finally, she replied saying she’d do a bookshelf “makeover” when she got home, and it made me so happy! I tweeted back “#loveyourbookshelf2k16” as a joke, but it got me thinking about what is now this post.

That little blurp “#loveyourbookshelf2k16” made me think about how I always REALLY disliked my bookshelf, and as I was thinking about it and looking at it I was like “why????”

Shana was telling me about how she hated hers, and now she’s about to make it all fun! So with that I present to you…

Katereadslit’s Bookshelf Positivty Campaign!!!!!

All you have to do is tweet  me, send me a DM, or submit me a photo of your bookshelf by January 4th (Eastern time.) I’ll add all of the photos together and have people comment and talk to each other about why they think your bookshelf looks GOOD!!!!! This spreads bookshelf positivity and brings book people together! 🙂

If you’d like to do a bookshelf makeover like Shana, here are some fun things to add/do to your shelves:

  • Add lights
  • Get some Funko POP characters
  • Put on little trinkets and things
  • Add some bookish items (ex. book swag & fandom merch.)
  • The more books, the merrier!!!
  • Plants & flowers
  • Mugs
  • Candles (be CAREFUL!!!!!)
  • Even if it’s not the holidays, basic round ornaments could look good!
  • Pens
  • Cards & stationary
  • Jars
  • Beauty products
  • Bows & ribbons
  • Posters near it
  • Go to an antique store. I can almost promise you that you’ll find something!

Happy shelving!!! Do you like your shelves? Comment & tell me why you do or don’t 🙂 Also, PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE spread the word!!!!!


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