Reasons Why the Book Community is the Best

Alright, so on my Twitter me and my good book friends started a whole thing about a book character (Tamlin from A Court of Thorns and Roses) and then me and a fun friend Giselle were talking about how good it felt to be a part of it! I realized how absolutely fun and awesome all of my bookish Twitter friends are, so now I’m making a post!

(Here are some fun screenshots of the fun times!!! PS It’s a slideshow.)

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

Anyway, I decided to list some of the best things about the bookish community! There are without a doubt tons more, so please share them to me on my Twitter (the first link) or comment them here!!!!!

They = the people of the community!!!

  • They always have your back and will help you out if you need it!
  • They offer support if you ever need it. (Ex. “I’m having such a terrible day” and then everyone comes flyin in!)
  • They send you fun mail (Ex. OTP Secret Sister, holiday cards, book swag and bookmail!)
  • Giveaways, tags, chats, read a longs, challenges and all of the bookish fun stuff!!
  • Bonding over books!!!!
  • Making bookish friends (lets be real, how many -outside of the book community- book friends do you have????)
  • The positivity is just amazing.
  • FREAKING OUT over insane book moments.
  • Being able to share blog posts, videos and all of the sort.
  • Fangirling over characters and the sort.
  • Being able to say something COMPLETELY relatable about books and people actually getting it.
  • You fit in 100%!
  • As me and Giselle (tagged above) said, it’s like you’re instantly family.
  • Great way to connect with authors.
  • Finding new books!


gif test


I joined the bookish “Twitterverse” in late October, and since then I have found so many wonderful people and friends and it’s just so fun and always puts me in a good and bookish mood!

Keep in mind, it spreads all over all social medias! There’s “Bookstagram” for Instagram, “Bookblr” for Tumblr, “Booktube” for Youtube, EpicreadsGoodreads, etc. Just remember to be careful, because it really seems unlikely that there could be bad people in the community, but there still can. 😦

Someone tweeted (I really can’t remember who 😦 ) that they’ve only been in the book community for a little bit but feel like they’ve been in it forever, and I totally agree! I’ve had my Twitter since late October and this blog since late November, yet I’ve made SO many fun friends.

The next time you find yourself wanting to talk to people about books consider chatting me up- I will be so excited!!!!  Anyway, that’s it for this post! I just really felt like sharing the love tonight since I’m in a nice holiday mindset. 🙂








There’s also Kaitlin, but the pictures didn’t show her!!! 😦

(Thanks for letting me include you!!!! 🙂 )




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