Female Characters Discussion

I’ve decided to start my first discussion post, and I figured why not make it about something I’m really curious about! Almost ALL YA books today have a main character who is female, and they almost always are considered “kick-ass female protagonists.”

So, my question stands: do you like the whole trend or do you want it to be over already?

I’d absolutely love to hear from ALL of you, so please comment down below and tell me what you think!!!!





23 thoughts on “Female Characters Discussion

  1. I love reading about female protagonists, moving through their development and seeing how they handle their adversity. What I don’t like is the misconception that all these “badass” “kick-ass” females must own weapons and fight evil in the outside world. There are so many more opportunities to fit these girls into. It is also kick-ass for a contemporary female protagonist to go after a love interest confidently. It is also kick-ass for a female to fight her mental illness bravely. It is also kick-ass to watch female characters undergo struggles with their sexuality/identity or ace their final exams and make it into their dream university/college. But they shouldn’t have to dress like a warrior, own weapons, curse often, and portray a “mean” side. All female protagonists are bad-ass!! πŸ™‚

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    1. THIS! IS! SO! IMPORTANT! I feel like they are getting too generic and unrealistic. It’s so important to realize that not just good fighters with special powers can be the coolest characters, and it’s SO annoying when their only problems are a bad love triangle and an evil leader of society.


  2. i like the trend of having strong female characters, it’s just people (be it authors and/or publishers) don’t seem to recognize that females (and really people in general) can be strong in different ways. You don’t have to be the incredibly capable, sassy, smart chosen one who leads the revolution. Shy girls can be strong. Girls who are timid and quiet can have determination and stubborn streaks and strong wills. People who are weak and sick can be intellectually strong and clever. I like strong female characters, I just want to see a wider variety of the type of strength people have (physical strength, oral strength, emotional strength, ,intellectual strength). Especially in a world whe it can be a brave thing just to live. Anyway, that’s my two cents. If it’s cool, I’d love to do a response discussion post about it, cause obviously my feelings are strong, lol!

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    1. Of course you can!!!!! THIS REPLY HAS IT D O W N!!!!!! I hate it when the characters are such a bad attempt at being a cool feminine role model when really they are so FLAT. We WANT variety, not some stereotype character who is common and bad. Otherwise, I LOVE it!!! We NEED well done characters!!!!!

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      1. if for some reason it’s not showing up in your notifications inbox, it’s on my bblog and titled DISCUSSION RESPONSE | STRONG IN DIFFERENT WAYS, with a picture of clary, katniss, and tris at the head that says “a queen is not afraid to fail”

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  3. I definitely think this is a great thing! Having badass ladies who break conventional gender roles is definitely important — but I want to see more kinds of badassery, y’know what I mean? Of course there’s the I-could-kill-you-all kind that’s really common, but I’d also like to see more ladies in politics like The Winner’s Curse, or as wiser mentor figures like Maz in The Force Awakens. More than anything I’d like to see female characters who aren’t just tropes, but human with flaws. I don’t feel like realistic and three-dimensional characters across a spectrum of personalities should be a “trend” or ever “over”. It should just be a standard!

    Great discussion topic πŸ˜€

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    1. Thank you!!!!!! AND YES YOU UNDERSTAND ME YOU HAVE IT RIGHT MAN!!!!! I hate it when all they are is just “ooh I’m so *badass* and moody” even though the reason people like it is because they want strong feminine characters! That isn’t a strong character, they don’t have flaws and all they are known for is being “badass.”


  4. Hey Kate!

    This is such a relevant discussion topic. I have mixed feelings about the “kick-ass female protagonist.” On one hand I love seeing that kind of representation in literature, especially for young girls, but on the other hand…aren’t there other ways of representing awesome, dimensional women?

    How do you feel about this trend in YA literature?

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    1. I really love it, but only if it is done well. Otherwise, it’s really horrible for characters because they’re only an obvious attempt at something and their supposed redeeming qualities are minimized 😦 but other than that I AM IN LOVE WITH IT

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