Least Favorite Characters!

Tonight I was tagged in a Twitter post asking which 3 book characters would you send to hell, and/or which are you least favorite. And once I had trouble answering, I got to thinking- what makes our least favorite characters be our least favorite???

(The post was by Sam Hewa and I chose just a few- Umbridge from Harry Potter, Angra from Snow Like Ashes and Caleb from the Divergent trilogy. Now that I think about it, I’ll say Eric from that too! When I asked my friend, she gave me more than I could come up with myself! I added Clancy from The Darkest minds and Theron from Snow Like Ashes!)

While I was answering I could not think of that many good answers because when I’m asked this stuff it’s like I forget that I’ve even read 1 book! And then, while I thought of some obvious answers like evil characters I realized- I like a LOT of evil characters!

Lots of times, I come out of the book they were in thinking of why they made the choices they did and if it really makes them “evil.” I often come to the conclusion that they were misunderstood.

I think of lots of characters as misunderstood/mysteriously interesting or just really neat. I often find that I REALLY think evil characters are cool because of the way the author makes them and writes about them and their choices. The reason I end up disliking characters is because I didn’t like the reasoning behind them or their choices, how they acted or if they just weren’t well written characters and proved to be bothersome. If I think the characters were well played out, I usually like them- no matter what they did! I like it when characters have good/legitimate motives and if it actually makes sense with how they act/what they do.

Let’s take a look at why I said the characters I did! (WARNING: There are slight spoilers here, just skip over the parts that say “ONLY IF YOU’VE READ…” They’re at the end of the explanations, so you won’t miss anything else.)

Umbridge- I hated how she was portrayed. Her demeanor was just weird and in the end I disliked how she was acting, especially why she was always making the rules she did. Only some of them made sense and her motives were strange and/or not mentioned.

Angra- Now that I think about it I am starting to find him cool. He was creepy and sneaky and I kinda like that, but I also didn’t like some of the reasoning behind his actions. (IF YOU’VE READ SNOW LIKE ASHES!!!!!!! I disliked him but maybe the Decay part of him I did find interesting.)

Caleb- He was awkward and a coward and in the end I didn’t think his reasoning behind lots of his actions seemed fit. I don’t know he was just wierd.

Clancy- I don’t understand him! (ONLY IF YOU’VE READ TDM!!!!! He intended to harm Ruby and I never did trust him.)

Theron- (ONLY IF YOU’VE READ ICE LIKE FIRE!!!!! He went behind everyone’s backs and did something crazy for no reason, because he should’ve known better.)

Eric- He was so annoying! He was like “new rule, new rule,” and had little to no reasoning as to why he acted like he did when appointed leader. I feel like he would’ve been cooler had it not been like this and (ONLY IF YOU’VE READ DIVERGENT!!!! If Jeanine hadn’t been trying to interfere he would’ve been different. I don’t understand why he had toside with her.)

I like evil characters when they have reason behind the bad things they do, and when it makes sense to the plot. If there’s a pointless conflict that could have been easily solved or didn’t have to be there, it makes for a less interesting and in-depth character.

Besides, the bad guys always get the cooler weapons!

There you have it! Who are your least favorite characters and why? Leave a comment or talk on my Twitter! Thanks for stopping by!!!!


9 thoughts on “Least Favorite Characters!

  1. Hmm… I remember the time I hated Bella Swan from Twilight because of how clingy she is at Edward, like he’s her oxygen and she just CAN’T stay away from him… :/ I don’t like those types that can’t protect themselves and are so hopless when they’re left alone. (This is also why I love Tris from Divergent.)

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    1. OH YES I HATED BELLA! I don’t mind it, but she was pretty weak (which doesn’t matter, as I said) and he story was NOT interesting! I hate the fact that it didn’t take place with Jasper, or Alice, or Rosalie. If you think about it, their back stories and histories were SO much more exciting!


  2. Ugh, Umbridge and Caleb for sure!! I haaate them both. Especially Umbridge. THROW HER IN AZKABAN. And yeah, I really do like “evil” characters as well. The only times I dislike characters is if they do things that make me mad, or I don’t agree with their actions (and don’t think they made sense). Other times, authors wrote them in such a way that there was no reason for me to like them. I think Caleb could fit into this latter part. Umbridge was just a character that wasn’t SUPPOSED to be likable.

    Great post! What a fun tag.

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