Excuses for not Blogging

I want to do this week’s TTT, and I finally got enough “you know, I’m not gonna be lazy and go do it” drilled into my head when I realied that this week’s topic won’t work for me. I can’t list 10 new to me authors that I’ve just read this year. I have no idea why, considering the fact that I read pretty much every day and have read a LOT of books this year. So, here are my top 10 excuses for not doing this week’s TTT!

1- I got abducted by aliens but they decided they didn’t want me anymore but now I can’t remember all of the books I’ve read this year.

2- My cat ate my laptop. And my computer. So I can’t post it.

3- I had to go slay a dragon instead.

4- What’s on Earth is a Tuesday? I’ve never heard of one, sorry.

5- I was binge-watching Merlin.

6- Books? *Scoffs.* I don’t read.

7- I had to go take down an evil ruler to fix society, so I didn’t have time to spare.

8- You can’t see me. Go away.

9- I dropped all of my books in the lake back at Hogwarts.

10- What books?

BONUS: I’m a ghost. I died from shipping fictional characters too hard.

So, there you have it guys. Sorry to dissapoint, but all of those things are REAL and they happened to me… so… no TTT.

(Ok, ok. I tried but I only had 3 authors. I know, it’s shameful.)ttt pic 1


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