Top 6 Saturday!!!

So, it’s Saturday and that means it’s time for a top 6 list! This Saturday’s theme is “book series!” (How does one say the plural to series? Serieses?)

Anyway, feel free to do this on your own and let me know if you do!

1- Do you like standalones or serieses (?) better?

I’d have to say I like book series better! I don’t know, usually I love whatever book I’m reading or I don’t finish it. In my opinion, you use your time reading a book or you don’t. So, if I like book 1,I’m going to want more!

2- What are your favorite book serieses? (Still- ???)

I loved Harry Potter, the Divergent trilogy, The Darkest Minds trilogy, the Grisha trilogy, The Mortal Instruments- all of that good stuff.

3- Do you like trilogies?

Honestly, YES! Almost all ofthe books I read are a part of a trilogy and I have no problems with them EXCEPT when it doesn’t need to be a trilogy. If a book doesn’t need a sequel, then don’t give it one! If it needs two, then that’s not unheard of! Or, what really bugs me is when there actually needs to be more than a trilogy. But otherwise, if you can do them properly, I love them!

4- Do you like the ends of books that are going to be a series to end in a cliffhanger?

NO! YES! I DON’T KNOW! Honestly, I’m fine with it unless there’s no way I can immeadiately get the next book in my posession. If I can’t… well…

Ok then. Moving right along.

5- One of your pet peeves about serieses?

I HATE it when half of a book was completely unnecessary and then there is a sequel. Like, ?????? ?????? Just make one book. I’m sure that you’ll live if it’s not a series.

6- What is your favorite way to read a series?

I don’t have to marathon them as long as I know that when I’m ready I’ll have access to the next book. I don’t really care how it happens, as long as it does. *Wink.*

Thank you for reading this, and I hope you decide to do it too!

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Processed with VSCOcam with t1 preset



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